Water coolers are basins that cool or dispense cool water. Frequently seen in commercial businesses, water coolers have become a staple in any building populated by people on a daily basis. Recently, our company has begun to expand and is now offering a rental program to local businesses and residents, in hopes to supply you with refreshing filtrated drinking water. We have teamed up with Vertex Water Products and are able to provide you with one of their top of the line water coolers. 

Currently, we are renting their PWC-1500 water cooler model in the stylish silver and black color option. Below, you will find a link to the detailed brochure for this specific model.

There are many advantages to using this system over the standard bottled unit that most companies offer. As you may have noticed, this cooler is bottleless, eliminating the need for delivery and storage of bulky 5 gallon containers. The PWC-1500 connects directly to an existing water line and holds the water that it filters in its internal storage tank. Also, this unit filters the incoming water through a process known as "reverse osmosis". This filtration process is currently one of the most advanced types offered in a bottleless water cooler, and filters out nearly all impurities... leaving you with crystal clear drinking water. 


"Forget storing and replacing bulky 5-gallon bottles... when you rent one of our water coolers, it becomes a thing of the past!"


Rental Fees:

(Includes Free Annual Filter Replacement)

  • Monthly Rental Cost (Paid Monthly / Billed Monthly)
    = $32.00 (+ PA Sales Tax)

  • Monthly Rental Cost (Paid Monthly / Auto-Withdrawal Monthly)
    = $29.00 (+ PA Sales Tax)

  • Monthly Rental Cost (Paid In 12 Month Periods)
    = $29.00 (+ PA Sales Tax)


Installation Fee:

  • Standard Installation (One Time Cost)
    = $125.00 (+ PA Sales Tax)