Water Heater Installation


Whether you need emergency installation of your new gas or electric water heater, or you simply want to replace your existing water heater, why not put the project into the hands of an experienced, professional plumber? With over 40+ years of experience, you can rest assured that the job will be done correctly. Not only will you have peace of mind knowing that the installation is done correctly, but the convenience of having us do the job for you will free you from the hassle and allow you to spend your time on something more important. 

Maybe you (or a well-meaning friend) have attempted the work yourself and have only managed to “make a mess” of things. Don’t worry – you aren’t the first. The instructions and diagrams that come with an off-the-shelf installation “kit” aren’t always the easiest to follow and don’t always make a lot of sense. We can rescue a botched water heater installation and have your hot water on in a jiffy.


Water Heater Repair


Whether your situation is a leaking tank or you simply don’t have any hot water, we can identify the root cause of your problem and most likely save you money by fixing the problem and avoiding a costly water heater replacement. 

We have quick access to most any repair parts needed. We service mostly all major brands. You will not have to wait very long to be back in service after you give us a call. 

Maybe you’ve already tried fixing the problem yourself. We know how to repair your water heater and can get it done fast. Does the pilot light not stay lit on your gas water heater? Does your thermostat seem to have no effect on the water temperature coming out of your faucets? Does your electric water heater seem to run out of hot water too soon? Has your relief valve opened and now it won’t stay closed? These are just a few of the common problems we see homeowners struggling with, and we have the tools, parts and know-how to troubleshoot these problems for you and get them resolved in no time flat.